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Power -wind power and power generationFor today's power plants, efficiency and reliability are the key to success. In order to achieve this goal, coal and hybrid cycle power plants are seeking ways to optimize the output, regardless of whether or not to increase fuel and maintenance costs, reduce labor and face more stringent management requirements.Older power plants are subject to the limit of equipment aging,
Mining, mineral processing and cement industryCement mine machinery bearing more used in harsh environment, sparsely populated areas. In this environment, any equipment failure, will affect the overall situation. This requires the mining machinery bearing must be excellent durability and reliability.Harsh conditions and market conditionsHeavy load. Wear debris and dirt. Extreme temperature and other extreme condition
Pulp and paperMeet the needs of a challenging industryMarket forces and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, making pulp, paper and paper processing operations more difficult than ever profitable.The competition is fierce, and it is increasingly globalized.Energy and raw material costs remain high, rising, and costs associated with the new health, safety and environmental legislation.Paper mills are under
Construction machinery - hydraulic pump, gear box, speed reducer bearingEngineering machinery not only bear heavy load and harsh environment, but also under thepressure to maintain high production efficiency and low down time.Thus, the equipment manufacturers are under pressure to improve the performance and functionality of the product, in order to comply with the emission regulations to obtain price advantage.Gear
Application of Petroleum bearing Expected in the next 20 years, global demand for oil and natural gas will grow by 30%. Despite being highly competitive market and labor conditions and legal regulations, industry competition seeks to seek new sources of energy and to improve the efficiency of the middle and lower reaches of the river.Whether you are focused on exploration, development, transportation, storage or proc
Machine tool design is becoming more and more complex, especially for multi axis machining center. Reason? In order to shorten the production chain, save time and money.Therefore, the requirements of major components are particularly high. Drive, lubrication, sealing, guiding, monitoring and sensing devices may run in a variety of difficult working conditions; after a considerable period of time, will lead to rising
Technical and economical solutions are needed for railway operation with low life cycle cost. Therefore, the axle box bearing needs to minimize the maintenance requirements. Axle box bearings must be able to work under fully loaded vehicle and extreme weather conditions.Some axle box design also uses the bearing saddle form. Typical demand for goods vehicles is to achieve a very long working hours and maintenance int
Few industries are able to compare with the harsh working conditions of steel and other metal plants. Temperature and velocity limit. Heavy and continuous impact load. Grinding dust, corrosive chemicals, and high humidity. The integrated use of these conditions to reduce the performance of the device, resulting in unplanned downtime, it is difficult to carry out effective equipment maintenance.In the metallurgical in
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